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  • Dennis DeRobertis

Rejected Images for, "If Animals Had Jobs" - Part II

"Behind the Book" banner for the children's picture book, "If Animals Had Jobs"

A look behind the scenes at the AI generated images that were not used for the book, "If Animals Had Jobs" and which one, ultimately, was selected. All images were generated with the assistance of DALLE-2.

An Anteater Selling Vacuum Cleaners

Isn't an anteater, with its extra-long, slightly curved proboscis the most likely animal to sell vacuum cleaners? I think so. I like the third image with our salesperson wearing overalls, and the vacuum cleaner looks like a vacuum cleaner, but I didn't like the setting. Seems to be some sort of futuristic cafe with computer kiosks doing the work of humans. And about that second image? That's one odd looking anteater. Looks like an anteater and naked mole-rat got together and had a baby. And what's he holding there, a French coffee press? Definitely not a vacuum cleaner. Ultimately, I went with the below pic. Pleasant. Smiling. Looks like a vacuum cleaner in his left hand. We'll overlook the thing in his right hand and make believe it's a...a...handheld steam cleaner. Yeah, handheld steam cleaner.

An anteater selling vacuum cleaners.

The King as Security Guard

Easy to see the king of beasts as the head of security at a high-end department store. The first two images were similar to the one selected, but the first one was too general and the second one looks like he's holding a bag of lightly salted antelope chips. The third one, while an appropriate illustration for the book's age group, strayed too far in style from all the others. The image below was perfect. Cool tie, dude.

A lion standing guard.

Special Delivery via Condor

With a wingspan that can reach over 10 feet, the mighty condor makes for the perfect delivery person. There really wasn't a question about which image I was going with, was there? In the first rejected image, he's riding a bike. Kind of defeats the whole idea of a flying bird delivering packages. The second image is some strange toucan/baboon looking hybrid. And boy, that third image. What is going on with his feathers? Eat Pappa, eat! The one in the book captures the job perfectly. Plus, nice touch with the glasses.

A condor delivering packages.

A Most Unlikely Perfume Maker

A skunk making perfumes? Makes perfect sense! Pics one and three were immediately rejected. Looks like some type of weasel. It was a toss-up between picture two above and the one selected, below. Both capture the silly idea of a skunk stirring up some strange odorous concoction. However, the selected pic sealed the deal with its close-up angle, skunk-branded perfume bottles, and gentle fumes wafting overhead. And she obviously enjoys her work.

A skunk making new perfumes.

To Be Continued...

In Part III, we'll look at the unused images of the following animals: a gorilla, squirrel, baboon, zebra, and the penguin cover.

See you next week!

- DennisD.



About the Book

"If Animals Had Jobs" is the first children's picture book written by a human with art generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Available in paperback and as a free PDF. Get it from our downloads page.

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