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  • Dennis DeRobertis

Download Free Copy

Download a free PDF version of, "If Animals Had Jobs"

The cover to, "If Animals Had Jobs" advertising a free download copy
See the first picture book with pictures completely generated by AI

About the Book

If "Animals Had Jobs" was released on November 21, 2022. It has the distinction of being the first children's picture book with illustrations generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Written by a human, images by a computer.

Download your free copy today and see what it looks like!

- DennisD.


If Animals Had Jobs (free digital picture book_Stone Hollow Press)
Download PDF • 10.91MB

Formats: Paperback (ISBN: 9781734177183) | eBook (PDF)

Pages: 26

Age Range: 1-8

Grade Range: K-3

Category: Children's Picture Book


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