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Rejected Images for, "If Animals Had Jobs" - Part I

"Behind the Book" banner for the children's picture book, "If Animals Had Jobs"

A look behind the scenes at the AI generated images that were not used for the book, "If Animals Had Jobs" and which one, ultimately, was selected. All images were generated with the assistance of DALLE-2.

The Elephant Fireman

I do like the first image, but it looks more like he's shinning a flashlight into the flames instead of putting them out. In the second one, the elephant looks like he's about to set fire to the house. Not good. And in the third image, it looks like he's happy to be running out of a burning house without having put out the flames. Not very fireman-like. Ultimately, I went with this image...

An elephant acting as a fireman.

The Apple Picking Giraffe

I like the first one and printed out a proof-of-a-proof using it, but it just didn't convey enough of what that particular job was all about. Now, if it was an apple piling job, bingo, we'd have a winner. But it's not. It's an apple picking job. Here's the image I decided on (which ended up being one of my favorites in the book) ...

A giraffe picking apples.

The Spider Locksmith

The second image was the runner-up to the one that ultimately got the nod. It conveys the job well, but the spider was too "spidery." I ended up going with the image below. Interestingly, the model for this particular spider must have been exposed to the same radioactive material as Peter Parker, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. But instead of gaining super-human strength and spidey-senses, he grew an extra leg. Anyone notice?

A spider doing the job of a locksmith.

The Alligator Sewer Worker

The alligator images were all pretty similar. You could make an argument for the use of any of them as the representative of an alligator doing a human job. Well, not the first one. Unfortunately, he jumped in a malfunctioning Star Trek transporter, so half his body was transported directly into the concrete street. Ouch, that's got to hurt (and he does look pretty miffed, if we're being honest here). Fortunately, there was a pretty happy gator in the lot that fit the job perfectly...

An alligator working in the city sewers.

To Be Continued...

What does a lion, anteater, condor, and skunk all have in common? They're next on the list of animals we'll look at and what images were rejected for the children's picture book, "If Animals Had Jobs."

See you very soon!

- DennisD.



About the Book

"If Animals Had Jobs" is the first children's picture book written by a human with art generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Available in paperback and as a free PDF. Get it from our downloads page.

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