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November 29, 2022

Stone Hollow Press publishes first children's picture book with fully AI generated illustrations in, "If Animals Had Jobs." (PR Newswire)

If Animals Had Jobs mascot
The Little Brown Spider - Hello (small)(t).png
Giraffe picking apples from If Animals Had Jobs

Book Release Announcements

The Little Brown Spider (series)

  • 10/28/2022 - A Mouse in the House (paperback | hardcover)

  • 08/31/2021 - The Giant Caterpillar (paperback | hardcover)

  • 05/15/2021 - Which Way to Go? (paperback | hardcover)

A Small Book of Ifs (series)

  • 11/21/2022 - If Animals Had Jobs (paperback | PDF)

The Little Brown Spider Presents (series)

  • 04/28/2023 - The Longest Dragon in the World (paperback)

  • 10/21/2022 - Bus Driver! Bus Driver! (paperback | PDF)


For general inquiries, distribution, and partnerships, please contact Stone Hollow Business

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