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  • Dennis DeRobertis

AI Artwork: Terrific or Terrible?

Cover of the first children's picture book to include all AI-generated illustrations.

There's been a lot of talk recently about AI artwork and its impact on art and artists. Everything from the validity of the illustrations to copyright law to the moral and ethical issues surrounding it.

Since the publication of the picture book, "If Animals Had Jobs," a children's book with AI-generated images, I've given a couple of interviews on the subject. Without getting into a full-blown discussion right now, here are some points to consider on both sides.

Reasons Against Using AI Artwork

Common reasons to be against AI artwork:

  • "It's not made by a human. Art can't be created by a computer algorithm. Period."

  • "AI artwork steals from actual artists."

  • "AI artwork is taking away potential jobs from actual artists."

  • "There's no soul in AI art."

  • "AI art looks terrible."

  • "AI art can't be original."

  • "Nobody can own AI-generated art."

  • "Using AI tools removes human creativity from the creation process."

  • "I can collaborate with another human on an emotional level. I can't do that with a computer."

  • "I'm against all AI, whether it generates art or makes me a burger."

Reasons for Supporting AI Artwork

Common reasons to support AI art:

  • "Humans made the algorithms that make the AI art. Of course, humans are involved."

  • "AI models capture semantics and style of artists. They don't generate copies of existing images with a tweak here or there."

  • "We all compete against technical innovation and progress. Up your game."

  • "Is there a soul in you?"

  • "AI artwork can look great."

  • "AI can certainly look original."

  • "The copyright landscape is still in its nascent days."

  • "Human creativity is involved in everything, no matter how automated it is."

  • "AI can assist in quickly fleshing out ideas and concepts before committing time and resources to a project."

  • "I accept my computer overlords. Now make me a burger."

To AI or not to AI? That is the Question

You may be fine with AI artwork or not. The fact of the matter is that it's here. How much of an impact it will have remains to be seen.

- Dennis DeRobertis

Publisher/Writer/Former Tech Geek

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