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  • Dennis DeRobertis

Let's Visit a Zoo on a Sunny Day

This experiment led to, "If Animals Had Jobs"

A generated AI image of a family visiting a zoo on a sunny day
The very first image created for what would become, "If Animals Had Jobs"

The Universe of Ideas

Where do ideas come from? The clouds? The Heavens? Poughkeepsie? Well, wherever they come from, sometimes they go through subtle changes or become steppingstones to bigger and better ideas. Or just different ones. That was the case for my next children's picture book, "If Animals Had Jobs."

It all started with an idea about going to the zoo and seeing a menagerie of animals doing a particular type of job. Seeing how I now had the assistance of 01000001 01001001 (more on him, or is it her? in next week's post), I was able to quickly experiment, modify, and churn out idea after idea until I had what I wanted.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

What started out as one idea quickly morphed into a complete book by the end of that very same day. To say the book came together fast would be an understatement. Super-fast wouldn't do it justice, either. I think the only correct description would be, Ridiculous Speed.

The Original Cover

The image up above was the very first image created for what would eventually become, "If Animals Had Jobs." This image doesn't appear in the book, but it sent me down the path to creating a picture book faster than I ever thought possible.

- DennisD.


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