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Little Brown Spider Book #2 Update

Hello all! Progress on the second book of The Little Brown Spider series continues! It's actually going a lot smoother and quicker than the first book.

A page of the Little Brown Spider, book #2, in a publishing program
Looks like a familiar scene for the Little Brown Spider

I expected the second book to go faster, but I'm still a little surprised it's going this fast. I do have to state that all the artwork has been finished for, oh, probably about two years now. I was worried that I would have to go back to the artist for updates since a lot has changed since it was completed. But, that doesn't seem to be the case. A very welcome surprise!

(Yes, it's been two years since I've had all the artwork for book #2. What happened? Well, life happened. For one, my former full-time career took precedence. I was also working on other creative projects outside the books during this time. And, most importantly, I wasn't looking to be a one-and-done story creator. My whole goal for Stone Hollow Press was to create an on-going concern to tell multiple tales of our favorite little arachnid, plus the stories of several other characters and worlds. I was methodical about it.)

I'm pleased that the second book is coming along so quickly. Of course, I can get stuck on a single page of text because it doesn't "feel or look right." Of course, I can have an issue with getting the book's title artwork done. Of course, I can find errors in the formatting as I do test print after test print. And, of course, life can happen at any moment.

For now, progress looks good and I anticipate the second Little Brown Spider book to hit store shelves by end of August!

- DennisD.

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