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  • Dennis DeRobertis

And the Journey Continues

It was a long road to get the first Little Brown Spider book published. It all started about 20 years ago and...well, that's a story for another time. Today, the journey continues with book number two!

A young boy, his father and his uncle travel down a country road in a car
A Page from The Little Brown Spider (without The Little Brown Spider in it!)

Appropriate that the first page of the second book is a car driving down a road. I need to get back in the driver's seat and continue down the path. The pages for book number two were finalized a while ago. Probably about two years ago at this point. And a couple of decades removed from the initial story.

Given the pages were done long before I went through the process of publishing the first Little Brown Spider book, some changes will have to be made. You learn a lot going through the gauntlet of taking a story from idea to shelf. (That'll be a post for yet another time...).

Hope you hang around to see where the little arachnid ends up next!

- DennisD.

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