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  • Dennis DeRobertis

The Little Brown Spider Added to NY State Spider Chart

Breaking News! Breaking News!

Our own Little Brown Spider has made it onto the NY State Spider Chart! There were a lot of representatives vying for that coveted center spot, but only one had the charisma, wits and determination to make it. We're proud to announce the new representative of the good ol' American House spider, our own Little Brown Spider! We couldn't be happier! Looking good, LBS! Looking good!

The Little Brown Spider among other native New York state spiders
The Little Brown Spider added to NY State Spider Chart

(In case it's not super obvious, the above is a joke. Even though The Little Brown Spider is a native New Yorker, he has not been added to the official NY state spider chart. However, like The Little Brown Spider, we here at Stone Hollow Press have a sense of humor.)

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