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  • Dennis DeRobertis

Stone Hollow Press Books Coming Soon(ish)

Here's our 2023 planned fall and winter releases of upcoming children's picture books.

The Boy Who Saved the Moon

A small child is building a brick structure around the moon to protect it from aliens.
The mind of a child in dealing with a difficult situation.

I'm super excited about this book. Not only is it one of my favorite stories, but it'll also be the first book from us that tackles a very serious subject. We hope we've done it in a fun and engaging way and that it could eventually lead to discussions between parent and child.

The book also marked my introduction to its amazing artist, Jessica Warrick. When I was looking for an artist for this story, all I had to go on was a portfolio and a few initial emails. And all Jessica had to go on was...nothing. At the time, I had not yet published any titles nor was there even a placeholder site up for her to read up on. But it all worked out. Not only was Jessica the right artist for the right story, but she's also super cool. We started the journey on this book over four years ago now, and one of the best parts about it has been working with and getting to know her. Do check out all of Jessica's great work.

"The Boy Who Saved the Moon" is currently expected to be published in late autumn.

The Little Brown Spider Collected Edition I

The Little Brown Spider jumping high into the sky.
Hmm...wonder what's just above LBS?

Another book I'm super excited about is our trade paperback collecting the first three books of The Little Brown Spider. I've written previously about my feelings on trade paperbacks and offering non-hardcover versions of books to help keep costs down, but what really has me pumped for this trade is the inclusion of a new, mini LBS story, "Here Comes Sal!"

Sal is the first, new recurring character in the Little Brown Spider world and will become a key companion for LBS as he continues down his road of adventures. With this new character, Cristian and I approached the storytelling a little differently. Though all previous LBS books touched on comic book storytelling elements, this new story takes it a step further. If received well, it might be the go-to format for presenting longer form stories of our able arachnid.

Continuing Down the AI Path

A mouse working as a car engine mechanic.
Getting into those tight spots is what this mouse does!

I'm continuing my journey on how best to utilize the availability and flexibility of AI in picture book and graphic novel storytelling and as a tool to aid in the creation of site- and marketing-based images. There's plenty to discover and utilize in this nascent technology.

Other Books in Early Development

There's another book I'd love to get out by the end of this year, but that's going to depend on the schedules of everyone involved. If not this year, hopefully early next year. The main character in this fun book comes straight from the Stone Hollow Press logo!


That's it for now. See you next time!

- DennisD.


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