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  • Dennis DeRobertis

The Hidden Creature in the Closet!

Sketch of an upcoming page from the third Little Brown Spider picture book!

A sketch page from the third book from The Little Brown Spider picture book series
What lurks in the breakfast pantry?

About the Sketch

This sketch is from the upcoming third book in the Little Brown Spider book series. It shows our protagonist encountering a very unexpected guest hiding in her pantry. Not something our star of the story, Esther, was expecting while putting together her typical Saturday morning breakfast.

What type of creature could be hiding in the pantry? Is it friend or foe? Scary? Nice? And can the Little Brown Spider help Esther eventually get to her favorite cereal and marshmallows before the start of her favorite Saturday morning cartoons?

All good questions.

About this Little Brown Spider Story

This is another story based off real life events. The first one was chronicled in the Little Brown Spider's second book, The Giant Caterpillar. It's fun writing a story that's an amalgamation of real, actual experiences and fictional narrative. You get to start with a foundation of "real" and then get to add some "unreal" excitement and suspense around it.

Cristian and I are both looking forward to getting this one out!

- DennisD.


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