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  • Dennis DeRobertis

It's a Sticky Situation!

As Cristian and I continue working on the third installment in The Little Brown Spider book series, here are a few sketches from that book's mouse trap scene.

Here, Esther, our rambunctious, little girl star, wants to put out a glue trap to get rid of a mouse in her house. When the Little Brown Spider hears of her plans, he starts to think about what a glue trap actually does and if it's a good idea to use one. He starts thinking about getting one leg stuck...

The Little Brown Spider character sees himself struggling on a mouse glue trap
Getting a leg stuck in a glue trap!

...and then all his legs. I'm really pleased with the below sketch. Not so much for what's happening to our little arachnid hero, but the emotion and anguish conveyed by a single image.

The Little Brown Spider character with all his legs stuck to a glue mouse trap.
Getting all his legs stuck in a glue trap!

In the end, it takes a little guidance from LBS to help Esther realize the best way to get rid of her little mouse problem. Hmmm...I wonder how she's going to do it?

See you soon!

- DennisD.


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