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  • Dennis DeRobertis

The Home Stretch with Little Brown Spider Book Number 3!

From sketches to finals to publication.

Well, That Was Fast!

No sooner did I get the remaining sketches, Cristian fired over the final artwork. I thought it would take him two to three weeks to complete after the last of the sketches arrived, but he got everything to me in little over a week.

Before I got the finals, I had already tucked in all the sketches to the framework file and modified the text where needed. Seemed like I was finished. However, after I replaced the sketches with the final artwork, I ended making more edits than I would have thought. I've also been making a habit of going back and removing 10 words from a story to really try and get it down to its essentials.

The Cover Controversy

Well, not so much a controversy as a slight hiccup. The cover's background colors clashed with the book title. I've used the same book title style and colors for the other two Little Brown Spider books and, being a stickler for consistency, wanted to keep the motif going for book number three. After a background color change, everything seems all good.

Speaking of the cover, here's the cover sketch and final artwork with original background color in place.

The cover sketch of the third book in The Little Brown Spider series of books for children.
What's lurking in the closet? I hope Esther and the Little Brown Spider can handle it!

Meta Data, Multiple Covers, and Making Sure Done is Done

With the final artwork in place, the title image ready to go, and the text complete, it's time to move on to all the other necessary tasks before publishing. Next steps include finalizing the meta data (meta data is the data that describes the book, like its description, keywords, language, price, size, etc.), formatting the covers for both hardcover and paperback (they're different sizes), and making sure done is done before clicking that "Make Available for Distribution" button.

OK, Esther, you're close to making your first book appearance. Get ready!

- DennisD.


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