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All Pages Sketched for the 3rd Little Brown Spider Book

Set for a Summer 2022 release

Esther stars alongside the Little Brown Spider in a scene from his third book.
What could Esther be doing with an umbrella, a catcher's mitt, and a Halloween mask?

It's Christmas Time. Again.

Every time I get new pages, sketches or finals, it's like opening a present on Christmas morning. There's that same nervous excitement and anticipation as you unwrap what's in front of you. And it never gets old. Anyway...Cristian sent over the final page sketches for the next Little Brown Spider story today and they look...awesome! I'm super excited to get the final art in the next several weeks. The book, the third in the Little Brown Spider series, is scheduled for publication this summer.

Riffing Off Each Other's Ideas

When I put together a story, I write the narrative and also do basic sketches for each page (doing the sketches helps with story pacing and also provides a framework for the text). The image you see above is part of a two-page spread depicting a key scene in the book. Cristian took my sketch and not only added his awesome artistic sensibilities to it, he also riffed off what he read and added additional artwork. Because of that, I'll probably tweak the text.

I really enjoy the back and forth with Cristian and playing off each other's ideas. For me, it makes for a stronger product in the end, and it really comes through in this scene.

Heading Towards the Finish Line

A page from the third book of The Little Brown Spider.
Esther and the Little Brown Spider from book #3. They're looking at...something!

Book #3 of The Little Brown Spider series is shaping up nicely. The main story is done, and all the pages have been sketched. As Cristian finalizes the inks and colors, I'll tweak and finalize the text based off his pencils. Yeah, it's time to riff a bit.

Can't wait to get this one out!

- DennisD.


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