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  • Dennis DeRobertis

Instagram Book Giveaway!

The response to the first Little Brown Spider book giveaway has exceeded expectations! Run by the fine folks at Goodreads, it's nice to see this level of interest for an unknown character. (The Goodreads giveaway ends 6/19/2021, so you still have time to enter!).

Given this response, we'd like to do another giveaway, this time for Instagram users! (Hmmm...would that be Instagrammers??)

Giveaway Details

  • Format: Paperback book

  • Availability: 10 copies available

  • Giveaway dates: 6/14/2021 - 6/21/2021 6AM EST

  • Countries available: US

How to Enter

  1. Follow @stonehollowpress

  2. Add a comment to the giveaway post on Instagram. Any comment. Something like, "Hey, I'm in!" is fine. Just let us know you want a copy!


We will take every profile name from the comments and add it to our list. Once the contest ends, we'll do a video randomly selecting the 10 names. If only 7 people post, then we'll giveaway 7 copies. Once we have the names, we'll send you a DM and ask for an address.

What are you waiting for? Go enter!

The cover of The Little Brown Spider in Which Way to Go? in brown packaging.
Packaging may differ than what is shown. Actually, it will differ. I bought white envelopes.

- DennisD.

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