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  • Dennis DeRobertis

Free Books Shipped and a Silly Video!

"The Little Brown Spider in The Giant Caterpillar" Goodreads Giveaway Contest concludes.

We continue to be pleased and humbled around the excitement and enthusiasm for our little arachnid helper, The Little Brown Spider. Our second Goodreads Giveaway, which ran from September 19, 2021 through October, 1st 2021, was for the second book of the series, "The Little Brown Spider in The Giant Caterpillar."

A total of 1,534 people requested the book. Thank you all! This was very close to the exact number of entries we received for our Goodreads Giveaway of "The Little Brown Spider in Which Way to Go?". We gave away 10 hardcover copies in that first contest. This time, we're giving away 25 paperback copies. Here's my take on hardcover vs. paperback children's books.

I decided to film myself packing up the winning envelopes this morning. And then I decided to make a goofy video of it channeling my best Benny Hill.

Thanks everyone!

- DennisD.


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