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Spiders, Dragons, and the Moon, Oh, My!

Update on the Stone Hollow Press books currently in progress...

The Little Brown Spider juggling many balls in the air

The Little Brown Spider - Book #3

I just received a cover sketch and final artwork for a key scene in the upcoming Little Brown Spider picture book this week from Cristian. And they look amazing! (Interestingly, I usually don't provide instructions or suggestions concerning covers like I do everything else. So, when a cover comes in, it's another Christmas morning surprise!)

With this week's updates and the sketches for the interior pages already in-hand, the foundational work for the picture book is now complete. And since Cristian is fast, without sacrificing quality, I might add, I expect to get the rest of the finals within the next few weeks. Having already mapped out the pages and finalized the text with the sketches, it should be a pretty quick turnaround to publication.

I'm really excited to get this book out. Really excited!

"Bus Driver! Bus Driver!"

The first in a new line of books, pre-final artwork continues to flow in consistently every week. I'm interested and excited to see how this one turns out since it's 1) not a spider book, 2) the layout and style is different than the LBS books, and 3) the text has a unique cadence to it that incorporates several different rhyming techniques. It's also for a little older audience than the Little Brown Spider books.

A Book About a Long, Long, Loooong Dragon

This book was quite unexpected! It came out of the blue and the different players came together very quickly. I'll be talking more about this book in the weeks to come, but for now, it's the second book in a new line that started with "Bus Driver! Bus Driver!" The heading you see up there? The one about a very long dragon? It's accurate, but it's not the final name of the book. We'll hold off on that one for a bit...

"The Boy Who Saved the Moon"

Probably the one story that is more me, and means more to me, than any other, is the one told in, "The Boy Who Saved the Moon". It will be a big event around here when it's finally published. Illustrated by the wonderful and talented Jessica Warrick, I pushed this one out because of some additional pages I requested. As I was putting the book together, based off a story I wrote 5 or six years ago, I realized I needed a little more room to tell the story I wanted to tell. And because of the nature of this book, I'll only publish it when it's ready.

(Other "The Boy Who Saved the Moon" posts: Using Comic Book Lettering in Picture Books)

Shaping Up as a Spectacular Summer Sensation

This summer is shaping up to be a pretty big one for Stone Hollow Press (hey, it's only the second summer of the company's official launch, so there was a good chance it'd be a big one!). Some books that were scheduled to be published this year are on track to be published. Other books that weren't even an idea until 5 minutes ago, will also be published. And there still might be a surprise or two. It's a summer to remember.

I hope you stick around to see it all!

- DennisD.


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