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Getting Back to the Books

A quick update on the new books coming from Stone Hollow Press

Several Stone Hollow Press picture books scattered on a table.

The Duality of Man

As some of you may know, my creative life is split between writing and publishing stories and playing and writing music. I've been doing both for a very long time now (obscenely long, it seems). Usually, I'll focus on one or the other as I'm a big believer in giving the task at hand full focus, time, and energy. I am not a believer in multi-tasking (to the displeasure of some of my former managers). Of course, there's a certain amount of jumping around one has to do as a matter of doing business, but, overall, when I'm creating something, I'm creating something.

From Music Videos to Dragons

Since the start of the year is always a bit slow, with the holidays quickly fading and the dark, cold winter taking hold, it was the perfect time to exercise my musical muscles. In my other life as a bass guitarist, I'm involved in several music projects that require recording songs, writing bass pieces, making videos (a clip of one is above), and creating various other social media and product content.

Now that I've banked a bunch of musical content during the last few weeks, I'm turning my attention back to that other part of my creative life: books.

So, About those Books

And as if by fate, I received an unexpected email from Cristian a few days ago. I started the conversation on where I want to take the Little Brown Spider next, and I'm super excited about where he's heading. So, while my musical output slows, my story production grows. Both the picture books, "The Longest Dragon in the World" and "The Boy Who Saved the Moon," will see a first-half of 2023 release. These are two of my favorite stories and I can't wait to get them out!

See you next time!

- DennisD.

SpiderWriter, Moon Watcher, and Dragon Wrangler

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